Wood Hand Book, by FPL

Hopefully we can come up with good sources for information about wood.  Feel free to discribe how the text's have helped with your projects!

11/22/2009 11:02:45 AM
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Wood Hand Book, by FPL

You have the option of downloading entire book or chapter by chapter for free.  They also sell a print copy of the book that you can buy.  I would encourage everyone to browse through it and know what information is avaliable for when you need it!!

Chapters and Topics Enclude:

  1. Characteristics and availability of commercially important woods
  2. Structure of wood
  3. Physical properties and moisture relations of wood
  4. Mechanical properties of wood
  5. Commercial lumber
  6. Lumber stress grades and design properties
  7. Fastenings
  8. Structural analysis equations
  9. Adhesive bonding of wood materials
  10. Wood-based composites and panel products
  11. Glued structural members
  12. Drying and control of moisture content and dimensional changes
  13. Biodeterioration of wood
  14. Wood preservation
  15. Finishing of wood
  16. Use of wood in buildings and bridges
  17. Fire safety
  18. Round timbers and ties
  19. Specialty treatments

Printed by USDA, Forest Service