Understanding Wood, by Bruce Hoadley

Hopefully we can come up with good sources for information about wood.  Feel free to discribe how the text's have helped with your projects!

11/22/2009 11:08:45 AM
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Kyle Newman, B.S. Wood Products Manufacturing Technology, Purdue University - 2009

Understanding Wood, by Bruce Hoadley

Understanding Wood, by Bruce Hoadley

Chapters and Topics Enclude:

  1. The Nature of Wood
  2. Figure in Wood
  3. Wood Identification
  4. Water and Wood
  5. Coping with Wood Movement
  6. Strength of Wood
  7. Other Properties
  8. Machining Wood
  9. Joining Wood
  10. Finishing Wood
  11. Modifying Wood
  12. The Woodworker's Raw Materials
  13. Afterword: Forest Past and Future

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Dan Warner "Splinters make wood more a part of me."

Re: Understanding Wood, by Bruce Hoadley

Hoadley's two books, this one and Identifying Wood, are great resources. They take wood science and put it into layman's terms. Even the scientific comunity uses them to work/teach.